The settlement Vrahos is located 32 km from the town of Preveza and 30 km from Parga. In the west of Preveza, Vrachos beach with fine, golden sand and crystal clear waters is one of the most impressive beaches in the county, and together with the beach of Loutsa stretch on a vast coastline of 3 km.

The magnificent beach of Vrahos with the turquoise waters, is shaded by a lush, pine-covered hill. It is traversed by a main road on the other side of which there are all the necessary tourist facilities such as beach bars, cafes, taverns, restaurants and inns.

Along the sandy beach you will find free sun loungers and umbrellas to enjoy comfortably swim, net for beach volley, ping pong tables, changing rooms and showers. For the lovers of water sports, the beach is ideal for surfing, sailing, water skiing, parasailing, paragliding.

The location is ideal to explore the surrounding area with unique daily excursions. You will enjoy natural beauty, attractions, deep antiques and great historical importance.

Do not miss to visit the unique sources of Acheron, the Necromancy, the historical Zalongo, the Ancient Cassope and Ancient Nicopolis, the oracle of Dodona and the wetland of Amvrakikos. You can also make great day trips to Parga, Ioannina, Lefkada, Paxos, Antipaxos and Corfu.

To reach Vrahos Preveza you can use the air connection with Athens via Aktio, by bus, by car from southern Greece through the national road Preveza – Igoumenitsa head towards Preveza and then to Vrahos Beach and from Northern Greece via Egnatia roadapproaching the connection with the NR Preveza – Igoumenitsa and go to Loutsa.

Location: Gliki

Acheron River in Parga, Epirus: The springs of Acheron River is an area of outstanding natural beauty located at the border of Thesprotia and Preveza, close to the villages of Kanalaki and Glyki. Apart from the natural beauty, the springs of Acheron is known worldwide for its mythological contents. In ancient Greek mythology, Acheron was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld.

Location: Mesopotamos

The most famous nekromanteion (or nekyomanteion), or oracle of the dead, of the ancient Greek world lies near the northwest shores of the Acherousian Lake, where Acheron and Kokytos, the rivers of Hades, meet. Ancient literary sources describe the Acherousian Lake as the place where the dead began their descent to Hades, and associate Ephyra, the Epirote city located further north, with the ancient cult of the god of death.

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